Samsung Galaxy S5 NEO(SM-G903F)には、5.1インチのSuper AMOLEDスクリーン(HD解像度)が搭載されています。 デュアルカメラ、16 Mpxリア、5 Mpxフロントパネルを備えています。 Exynos 7580 64ビットプロセッサ、16 GB 内蔵メモリ、2 GBのRAM、2.800バッテリ

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How do you get into this thing


Someone help how the heck do you get into this thing?

this has turned into a nightmare I'm replacing the dock port on this I've already busted the screen (glass just came straight off the LCD but thats a whole different story)

I have also removed the 13 screws from the frame under then screen but i cannot get all the casing off the other side to get into where the motherboard & dock port is.

I have undone the clips on the inside of the battery recess but it all is stuck down tight i don't want to force it too much this repair has already cost me big time

Someone PLEASE help & point me in the right direction

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@inthebox ,Kenny, Link to partial tear down of the S5 Neo and a 2nd link which may have more info., Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Samsung galaxy s5 neo Display Replacement


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Hi Thank you for that i did see that but it only goes as far as taking screen out not going in as far as getting motherboard out. Someone was kind enough to come & show me how. Its deceiving it looks like it should come away from the outer frame thats what i was looking at & couldn't figure it out it actually comes apart inside.


@inthebox ,Kenny, thanks for posting back, happy to here you had success with your device. Have a good day.




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