Amazonから発売されたKindle Fire7インチのタブレットの改良モデルで、1280x800 HDディスプレイを搭載しています。2012年9月に発売されました。このデバイスの修理は直接パーツにアクセスできます。

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My Charger cord is not making a connection to the kindle

My charger (and two other chargers I've just bought) are not making a connection when plugged into my Kindle HD 7 Fire. Is that repairable?

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@kvogel , Kerry, first inspect the port and blow it out in case it has dust or debri in it. It is repairable and a known issue for the charge ports to loosen. Kindle Fire HD 7" 2013 USB/Charging Port Replacement link below, the part can also be purchased on the link. Verify your model is the same before placing order. If your model differs let me know or if you are not comfortable making the repair yourself take it into a good cell phone/computer repair shop and have them take a look and estimate repair.Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Kindle Fire HD 7" 2013 USB/Charging Port Replacement


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