no ring on phone

I purchased my BLU Life One X 4G LTE on in Sept./16 and it worked fine for approximately a month until a couple weeks ago. Suddenly, I do not know when someone is calling my BLU nor when I receive a text or email as there is no ring or vibrate. I went to settings and my volumes are up to maximum on all and vibrate is at on. Callers to my BLU hear ringing at their end on their phone assuming my BLU is ringing but it's not nor is it vibrating. I cannot find a fix anywhere to this problem. HELP !!!!

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Hi, Try the following to prove that the number is still connected to YOUR phone. Call your cell phone number from the phone itself and see if you get a ringtone signal in the receiver of the phone you are calling from. Obviously it shouldn't give an indication that the phone is ringing as you are calling yourself.