Dragon Touch Tablet not charging (possible usb port broken?)

So a few days ago my charger cord ended up going dead, (meaning i have to move it to a certain position in order for it to work.) i didn't really mind until last night when my tablet battery was at one percent so i turned it off. Next day the cord doesn't work at all, and using other cords around my house don't work either. (I use USB cords the most.) And a few minutes ago i just noticed that the usb port, whenever i unplug a cord i already have, it seems to have moved a certain way.

Do let me know what you think it might be.

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I almost guarantee it is a damaged charge port. I have had to replace a charge port in a Dragon Touch. They don't seem to be soldered very secure to the motherboard and the pins eventually break loose from the solder pads on the motherboard or break elsewhere. The port is soldered to the motherboard so it requires some soldering experience to replace. Since you have tried multiple cords I highly recommend having the charge port checked or replaced. Hope this helps.


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Hi. Would you need a specific charge port to replace it, or are they generic? i also have a dragon touch for my kid


The USB port is not likely specific to this device and other devices may use the same charge port. To be on the safe side I ordered one off eBay that was advertised to fit the tablet. Not sure which model you have but here is a link to charge ports on eBay for a dragon touch tablet. https://m.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&...


My sub port cracked and I was told by the Tech shop that the type used for this tablet is not EZ to replace,and the price to repair it is more than I paid for the tablet.Be very gentle when plugging an unplugging it.I pulled mine out while playing games on it while plugged in a couple of times and it cracked and wouldn't charge.On some tablets this is an EZ fix but unfortunately not the Dragon touch.




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