Screen replacement, 2nd fail...

So after I ordered my new HTC10, I decided to take a step and practice on my Nexus 6 to try my first screen repair glass replacement... Obviously, being my first one it went horribly wrong and the digitizer ended up in about 10 million pieces, since I have managed to get the process down fairly well, my Nexus 6 still sat with a broken screen though. So now a few months later I finally saved the money to buy a new digitizer assembly and thought it would just be quick plug and play repair....

Installed it and all looks good, however when I first plugged it in, I got a green light like it was charging ( remember it was sitting for months) the green light was in the speaker on top and lasted about 10 seconds, then went off and didn't come back, now when I unplug it and plug it back in, I get a red light on the top left that comes on only for a split second.... Mind you I still have not seen any sign of life out of the screen itself... Hoping this is due to severely drained battery? Before it was put on the shelf for these months, I know that it was working fine, even after the botched screen repair... Why now is it not showing any sign of recovering besides this slight glimmer...?

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It's a bad idea to ever start with glass only repair for phones that have the glass and digitizer fused together like the iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 7.

It's not really doable unless you refurbish broken glass screens every day to sell refurbished screens.

TL:DR - Always buy the whole screen for ones that have the LCD and digitizer (or glass) fused together.

The ones that separate really easily like the cheap phones are the ones where the digitizer and glass (pretty much one piece separate from the LCD) can be replaced only instead of both in the case of the LCD still working but touchscreen not working or glass cracked.


Thanks for the response but this was not at all pertaining to my question. I know very well about the reasons to and not to attempt glass only repairs and for the Nexus6 it makes sense to do considering the price of a digitizer. Since then I have done between fifteen and twenty more fused screen glass only repairs and my own is still the only one I have ever broken, the only reason that it broke is because I was scared to get it too hot, once I learned to use the heated bed on my 3d printer to evenly heat the screen they come off like butter... I do repairs every day so I understand you are gearing your answer towards someone of your own skill level, i ts my fault I should have mentioned that I am not a beginner but a professional. Thx again anyways