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The light and portable Acer Aspire One 532h-2527 was released in 2009. It features a 10.1” screen size, and an Intel Atom processor.

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My battery will not hold a full charge

So when I plug my netbook into the charger the battery does not charge to its full capacity and when I disconnect it, the battery quickly loses its charge. What is wrong?

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Before tackling the battery, itself, ensure that your power cord is not damaged thus the cause of the problem. It would also be helpful to verify if your wall outlet is functioning properly.

The most common cause of inefficient laptop batteries is because of years of use. The Acer Aspire One series is made with lithium-ion batteries like most modern laptops. As the number of charge of cycles increases over the years, eventually your battery’s efficiency will decrease; usually this results in either the battery discharging faster or it does not charge to its full capacity, among other cases. Thus your safest option would be to replace the battery pack of your Acer Aspire One 532h.

WARNING: DO NOT TAMPER WITH THE BATTERY PACK ITSELF'. Lithium is a very reactive element with water and can react violently with the moisture in the air. If you tamper with the battery pack, you risk exposing the lithium to moisture and this can result in explosions,


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When replacing battery don't buy cheapest available. I made that mistake and battery charged about a month and died. It's totally useless now. It was 1/3 the price of Dell battery and sure wasn't 1/3 the battery. Be warned!





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