Part number for power management IC

My device doens't turn ON, it is charging and battery shows the voltage after tearing down. Seems like battery management IC got burnt. Does someone know the part number and manufacturer of this IC?

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@bas77 have you tried a different battery? The power manamgement IC is usually not the first component to check the no power on situation.. Post some images of your circuit board (front and back) with your question. It may help us to identify certain parts. Use this guide iFixitでの質問に画像を追加する方法 for that


Is the phone drawing power from the usb socket?


Yes. I've checked the battery voltage.


@oldturkey03 I've tried different battery. battery doesn't have any problem. I don't have a SMD soldering station right now. If you know the part number of the IC, it will be helpful. Ineed to check the availability. I will get it soldered from others.