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Apple iPhone 5cは2013年9月10日に発表されました。このデバイスの修理は前モデルと類似しており、スクリュードライバーとこじ開けツールが必要です。GSM か CDMA、8, 16, 32 GB 、色は白、ピンク、黄色、ブルー、グリーンがあります。

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Ghost touch Screen iPhone 5c

Hello ,

Im using iphone 5c and having a big problem with my screen .

When im using my phone, sometimes it gets flikering all over the screen . When i sleep my phone and turn on again , it will be dispersed for a while and came back .

I looking for answer a few day ago and found out you have to reattach the screen from the phone and turn it back on . I did it for the first time and a couple minutes it came back again .

Can anyone help me how to fix this problem ?

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has the phone had any repairs done to it? Specifically, a screen replacement?

This sounds like a simple bad digitizer. Very cheap and simple fix on a 5C. I'd give that a shot and then report back.


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i have already replace a new one but still the same issue




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