Phone Stuck in Recovery Mode?

Hi, I attempted to root my phone and broke it. I entered download mode and used to Odin to flash a new rom, however now my phone is messed up. Whenever I turn it on it goes to Recovery Mode. I have tried to clear the cache partition and even factory reset the phone, but it still refuses to power on normally. I selected reboot now and it still goes straight back to recovery mode. I have tried to reflash the stock android OS, but it will nit take it and says that it's invalid and not accepted. I also tried to load the OS onto an SD Card and then selecting the apply update from external storage option, however that won't work either. Guides I have looked up online involve selecting the advanced option in recovery mode, but this option does not show up for me. Is there any hope for my phone, or is it bricked? Thank you so much for helping!

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