ASUS Chromebook Flip C100P was released in 2012. This was the first-ever 10-inch convertible Chromebook released. It is a laptop running Google's Chrome OS. The C100P came available with 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and silver as the only color option. Repair of this device requires screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Chromebook keyboard not working

The keyboard on my couple month old Chromebook is failing. There are some keys were not function. By the way, I am out of warranty. Please tell me hoe to fix this problem.

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When I press the t and y keys nothing happens. When I press the g and h keys they type t and y when I press b and n keys same thing as the t and y keys. Please Help!!!



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Character keys on the right side of the keyboard do not work. For instance;

On the number row keys 9, 0, -, = do not work.

On the QWERTY row keys o, p, [ do not work.

On the ASDF row keys l, ;, ' do not work

On the ZXCV row keys the period key, and backslash key do not work

Character keys on the left side of the keyboard work OK

Modifier keys like esc, enter, shift, ctrl, alt work fine. Same for page left, right, up, down keys.

Top row function keys are all OK

This Chromebook has been Powerwashed as per Google support. Keys noted above are still dead.

Next step will be to open the case and look inside.


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Try something first

  • Use the other keyboard to do this.
  • Sign back into your account.
  • Do a hard reset.

If that does not work, then do a Powerwash


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I have an ASUS Chromebook C100P and I bought 2 keyboards. Each keyboard I bought always went out after a couple of months. Fortunately, I found out that it was just a loose connection. In order to fix that, you must open up the computer and make sure the two strips are secured. If I had known that, I wouldn't have gone through 2 keyboards. Save your money and make sure the connection is secured!


Completely agree with Kara, I replaced my keyboard as it had issues described as above, keyboard worked for a few days then stopped working again...I then secured the ribbon cables and all working again..



I had the same issue but with various other keys, some i ordered and replacement keyboard, installed it...once the installation was complete it worked like an charm but at few hours later when i switched it in keys stopped working again ... In between that there was any update so is it an update thats causing this problems????


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Similar problem on mine - the following keys were either sticky or not functioning:

0 - = ] # ' / n b and the 'previous page' key on the top row.

I opened up the Chromebook, took out the keyboard (careful with the two ribbon connectors) and spotted that there were crumbs and dust inside. I wondered if these might have come through the keyboard, so using a compressed air can, blew air through the keyboard from all angles, giving it a really good shake and clean.

Having gently blown away any crud from the interior of the Chromebook, I reassembled the thing and found no more sticky/non-functioning keys.

Message to self: easy on the biscuits...


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