Still unresponsive after battery and U2 replacement

Full disclosure: I don't normally work on I devices.

Original problem, suddenly quit working. No boot, no apple etc.

Opened it up and found battery voltage at 1.4 volts.

Tried charging, and tried various switch combinations to wake it up while on a charger.

Battery voltage never got above 2.0 volts.

Pulled back tape stuff at battery connector and removed enough paint on the battery traces to get voltage reading with main board plugged in, and got 0.48 volts.

Replaced the battery with new @ 3.8 volts

Still no boot.

Since I don't have a schematic, I took a chance and replaced the U2. Wasn't easy but was happy with the end result.

Still no boot.

I do have voltage at the largest coil on the main board.

Doesn't look like a backlight issue. there is no trace of image on the screen.

This repair is more about the data than a total working machine.

Thanks in advance


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