A series of Pavilion branded laptop computers manufactured by Hewlett-Packard from 2008 that featured a 17.3" diagonal display. Available with an AMD or Intel processor.

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Internet Slayer Hp kills network for everyone!

I have not used my HP pavilion dv7-405 for a couple of years due to frustration. When this computer is on nothing else can get wifi and everything is kicked off! Just having it on kills our entire network even when the wifi is off on the computer.

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Could you elaborate on the problem? This seems quite funny. ;d

So when you turn on this laptop, it is completely taking down your entire home network, even if the wireless is disabled on the device?

Do you have a server on this laptop with a DHCP role enabled? x'3


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Yes. My wife and I have our smart TV, 2 iphones, and I imac that we run all at once often. Not to mention our son's device. We all can be on the wireless router, with decent internet. The act of simply turning on the HP Laptop results in complete internet failure! Even with the wifi on the HP disabled, and it is not set up for any DHCP. Every device is still connected to the router, but internet or streaming or any use of the WWW is out of the question!




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