Why is my left bumper not clicking?

I opened up my controller to see why my left bumper wasn't clicking. It had the same movement as the right but was not connecting. When I opened it up the left bumper click switch on the circuit board fell out. I can put it back in but it's not functioning or staying there.

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Provide pictures if possible.

P.S. I used to have a remote with a dodgy right shoulder (the bumper button).

It wouldn't click properly, so I had to take it apart, then glue some layered pieces of paper on the bumper's button stick so it would click the button easier.

How do you mean it fell out, though..

Does the other side fall out too? If they aren't the same, it sounds like one's broken off.

Have you had a rough gaming session and tossed the remote? Dropped it? Had something fall on it? (Happens.. ;d )

Also, just to clarify. The shoulder travels, correct? Just doesn't click? The click is from the button underneath the shoulder that's being pressed.

These buttons, specifically.. http://thumbs.ebaystatic.com/images/g/kM...


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I don't have great dexterity and I drop my controller a lot. :/

That's the button that fell out. The black bit is no longer attached to the metal bit.


Aaah... I see now. Well, you good with a soldering iron? ;d



I've used one before. I wouldn't say I'm proficient but I could probably manage not burning myself.

Thank you I'll try that. :)




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