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Compact digital camera with built-in flash with 10.0 Megapixel, 10x Optical Zoom and Image Stabilizer System. Disassembling requires the use of certain equipment.

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Batteries die to fast

I have tried high priced batteries because the cheap ones died out fast and the high priced ones also die out fast. Does anyone have any answers for me on how or what I need to do to get the batteries to last longer. maybe a different type or brand... I love the camera but need the batteries to last longer than 5 to 6 photos please help

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Have you tried rechargeable batteries NiMH something in the 2450 mAh range should give you longer life and over time cost you less to operate . Get a proper charger for it , the whole kit will be expensive but will definitely pay for itself over time

Just to show you what I mean , The higher the mAh the longer they will last between charges. Hope this helps


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Have you checked that all the power saving options available to you are set to the values that give you the best chance of maximizing the battery life.

Ensure that the Power Saving (Auto Power Down) setting is set to on.

Ensure that the screen shut off time is set to <1 minute


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