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Third generation of iPad, featuring 4G capabilities, released on March 16, 2012. Model number A1430. Repairs require heat and careful prying.

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Not quite dead screen

I have an iPad 3 that is fully functional save for the display. The backlight comes on, but no video is displayed. In bringing it to repair shops in the area, they all immediately diagnose a full screen replacement which costs nearly as much as the second-hand value of this iPad. The reason cited is that most of the time when the screen is removed, it gets cracked or worse. Not a problem when the screen is already broken, but my display is still kind of working, so it seems wasteful.

In doing my own research, the flickering that led up to the total failure leads me to believe that there is a video cable/connector that has either come loose or needs replacement. There seems to be a lot of reference to slapping the iPad on the back to push the cable back into place. One of the repair techs actually suggested the same. It worked briefly, but unfortunately has returned to being backlight black.

Before I foolishly rage-quit and swear off Apple products forever (or at least until the next uber cool i-doohickey comes out and they suck me back in) does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions about bringing my iPad back to working order?

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20 years or more ago was "slapping metode" well know among TV and audio mechanics because of all bad connections of big heated resistors, capacitors and other elements. That is now the same as "tyre kicking" method which you can still see sometimes among older "knowledgeable" car enthusiasts.

Nowadays with all this microchips, very small and delicate connections, micro elements and fragile soldering you can permanently damage your gadget.

My advice is simple: be brave, buy OEM screen with digitizer ( iFixit is good place for it), follow simple and very goooooood instructions with a lot of patience and precision and you will be able to solve the problem.

You are right - problem is usually in connector which sometimes has to be secured with protective tape.

Very important is that after you open the screen you have to remove all adhesive from housing - any leftover will cause additional tension on your screen - check all corners - if they are bended - try carefully fix them in normal position - sometimes helps if you remove very tin layer of metal frame with sharp utility knife.

Of course - before you even begin with the process - check if your housing is straight - put iPad on the desk and check it.


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