Sony Xperia Z3デュアルはSony Xperia Z3 D6633とも知られており、2014年9月に発売されました。146 x 72 x 7.3 mmの本体サイズでIP68認証済み、5.2インチディスプレイ、20.7Mpリアカメラを搭載しています。

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What is this wire?!

So recently I've posted a question about my Z3 not giving any display despite giving sound and that I've replaced the LCD and the main flex cable but that didn't fix my problem.

People answered me as you can see that it could be the connector on the main board that is causing the problem so I decided to take the main board off and expect it.. I have found that the last person who fixed the phone has soldered some thin wire on the main board.. I don't know what this wire is soldered to or what is supposed to be connected to on its other end! I don't even know if this wire has anything to do with the display problem I'm trying to solve!

here is a picture of the main board with the soldered wire

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This phone was repaired by an idiot, simply!

This wire connect's trace from backlight on MBO to trace on flat cable of LCD, thats the reason probably why the wire is so long. Sony often have problem with backlights and someone was trying to fix it.

Only way to fix it to repace fuse, coil or backlight ic. (in most comon case).

You can try it to fix it but u will need some tool, good soldering station, microscope and elements from MBO that is missing.

My advice is to take it to some good smartphone shop repair center. it would be very difficuilt to repairt it and u can do a lot more demage.


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First of all thank you for your answer,

You said that "This wire connect's trace from backlight on MBO to trace on flat cable of LCD"

I have all the tools and I want to take try to solder it myself because there is no repair centers that I can trust in the area I live in... I need to know where exactly should this wire be connected?!

My email is

Please contact me as soon as possible.




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