PowerMac G5 Not Starting

My friend gave me a Dual Processor 1.8GH/z G5 A1047 a few days ago because it was broken. I thought it was a Logic Board Failure as I have heard of this. It would display apple logo and lock up. After doing the oven/heat gun reflow (I have experience with this) the machine does the same thing. I tried running on 1 CPU...


CPU B=Bottom

...and it will not start at all on CPU B, will turn on from A. After doing this, I will not get a video signal and the USB does not initialize, also no startup chime. RAM reseating and replacing does not help, PMU Reset does not help, GPU reseat/replace does not help, Battery replacement/removal does not help, I have tried everything and I am at a loss.

Also, when replacing the Logic Board, I forgot to replace the plastic shields for the back heatsink and CPUs, I also dropped the GPU screw into the PSU so I am wondering if maybe a short occurred and that is causing this.

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At this point, if I leave the machine on for a few minutes, the fans will rev up. I know this happens when the machine can not find a boot device (I have an HDD with 10.5.8 plugged in) but I still get no display/usb/start chime.