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The first tablet from the family Iconia Tab B1 (Acer Iconia Tab B1-A71) was announced in January, 2013.

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My acer tablet B1 has the green robot on screen help

Green robot on screen and saying formatting data

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If your ACER Iconia Tab B1-A71 has been stuck up with the formatting data process you may try to do or do again the factory data reset process.

How to do the Factory data reset process?

Make sure to back-up all your important files from your tablet before doing this.

1. First thing is to power off your tablet.

2. Then hold down first the volume button followed by the power button for about seconds.

Release first the power button, release the volume button when "Select Boot Mode" appeared on the screen.

Note: Using the Volume up,down buttons to choose from the options/menus and the power button to confirm or select.

3. Under the "Select Boot Mode" there are options and you need to select the "SD Image update Mode"

On "Android System recovery" select wipe data/factory reset.

4. Confirmation will prompted - select yes -- delete all user data.

5. "Wiping Data" "Formatting Data" will appeared. Wait till it's completely done.

6. Back to "Android System Recovery" Menu - Select - "Reboot System Now"

And your tablet will reboot and go to the Welcome Screen.

If you did this already but still your tablet is stuck up to formatting data.

Contact an authorized Acer repair shop.


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