The left sub woofer in my skullcandy headphones

Hello my name is Seth

Ok so I have my skullcandy headphones I got in October 2015 and I use my headphones almost everyday and I listen to them loud.

One day I changed my battery because the base was getting low after a day or two my left sub sub woofer started rattling so I tested it and tried to find the solution to the problem and its when I have my base on and that's the only time it rattles. Later I tried multiple battery's and it still rattles. I took 4 small screws out to see if any wires were cut and there is nothing. I tried to look up something and I found nothing.

I also don't thinks it's burnt out cause I don't smell smoke or a burn smell but I could be wrong I'm not the experts you guys are.

It would be so helpful if you found out something please and thank you.

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