What is this part?

On the back of my phone under the back cover, there is a little black sticker. It came off and exposed a part of the motherboard. What part is that?

Could this part being exposed be causing the erratic opening of apps when the phone is sitting idle? I've read that this may be because of humidity.


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Where was the sticker located? on the board itself (covering a connector) or on the back frame? (covering a hole in the frame). I've found that most phones have some sort of aerial built into the rear frame that look just like a sticker. This isn't likely to cause erratic operation of the device but will cause signal issues.


It's on the frame and looks like it covers some component directly on the board. I had a second, identical phone and took the same sticker from it and put in on there. So, it's covered again, just wondering what that component is.