I need help dissembling my JVC XX Over Ear Headphones

This is driving me nuts. Just recently, my JVC XX headphones had started making a buzzing sound from bass at high volumes only from the left driver. These headphones worked fine for 2 years! I took off the ear pad on the left driver and I could see what the problem is. Apparently, the wire inside somehow managed to get bent upward towards the driver. Now, when ever I crank these headphones up, the speaker cone hits that wire making this loud and annoying sound. The problem is, I can't seem to find a way to disassemble these cans. All I need to do is get that wire away from the speaker so the speaker has room to move. The right side does not seem to have this problem at least not yet. I can't really afford another set of headphones of this quality right now. It's a shame because it's hard to go down from open-back over ear headphones.

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