The Nook HD+ (BNTV600) is a 9" tablet from Barnes and Noble.

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Charger broken off inside my nook

My charger got broken off inside my nook, how can I get it out?

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Sharon, very resourceful answers but here is the real issue. If you broke "the charger " off on the inside, it is actually your charging port that has come of the board. So ieven if you can retrieve it by the "fishing " method, you will still have to open your Nook in order to repair it. eliminate the fishing, open it up and repair it properly. Use these guides to work on your Nook.


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Ehh.. I like the tapping idea. The less you mess around inside that charging port, the better. You may also want to try a small screwdriver, very small like the kine we use to repair phones and such, and gently pry downwards, on each side, until it comes out. Or at least, until it comes out, where you can pull directly, like with your fingers. Oops, forgot to say, make sure the thing is powered down


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I have many electronics and many problems with them but none this strange. Try to lightly tap the nook at the top to see if it just pops out. If that dose not work, look up how to take apart the nook and take it out and buy another charger. I hope this helps.


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