Picture error after installing new display, but bootloader is fine?

Hi so I recently broke the screen on my Nexus 6 and ordered a new display for it from China.

The display has arrived but after connecting it up and powering on, the google logo displays correctly but when android loads its as if the image is being repeated next to each other and overlapping 3-4 times and theres an area of just static across the bottom of the screen. :S

Here is a pic.. http://postimg.org/image/asf8nm6tp/

Like I said the initial Google logo displays perfectly fine and if I power on holding the volume keys the bootloader menu comes up and looks perfectly normal, I tried running recovery from this menu in case its some software problem but as soon as it launches recovery the screen does it again and displays the little android dude 4 times over, and is still the same after recovery finishes.

I have checked all connections and everything seems fine.

Soo erm anyone got any ideas as to what is happening here? I'm fairly sure I haven't damaged anything while dismantling and connecting up the new screen and I was sure to discharge my static before hand (and once or twice during). Im fairly experience with micro electronics and this install isn't particularly hard (once you get the back off).

Perhaps its just a dodgy display but I hope not as having to send it back to china would suck.

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