iPhoneの第2世代モデル。モデル番号はA1241 / 8 もしくは16 GBの容量/ ブラックもしくはホワイトのプラスチック製背面ケース。修理はオリジナルiPhoneに比べて直接パーツに作業ができます。ドライバー、こじ開けるためのツールと吸盤カップが必要です。

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Computer died, how can I salvage data and apps from iPhone?

This isn't a mechanical repair question, but I hope it's okay to post it here.

My MacBook Pro's hard drive died, and was replaced under AppleCare warranty. No, I did not have a current backup. Yes, I have learned my lesson, and have purchased an external drive for Time Machine backups. That helps me in the future - I need help salvaging the past while I lick my wounds.

I want to synch my iPhone to the like-new system but want to salvage everything I can first. I would like to just keep my phone as-is and push everything on it to my new laptop, but it's my impression the phone will essentially get wiped and start from scratch if I let it synch. Is that true?

Assuming that's the way it is, I've seen apps for pulling various sorts of data from an iPhone to a computer, but the choices are a little confusing, and there doesn't seem to be simple, one-step solution. I would appreciate your wisdom on the best steps and tools for achieving the following goals:

- All my photos and music were synched to the Iphone. All of the music was ripped or recorded live, none purchased through iTunes. The photos will be lo-rez but that's better than lost. How best to get my music and photos off the phone, into the iTunes/iPhoto, and resynched?

- I have several dozen downloaded iPhone apps, free or paid, all useful in their way. Will the synch preserve them, or will it wipe and start from scratch? Once I authorize iTunes on this machine, can I download the apps again since I paid for them once already? Do I have to hunt them down individually or is there a more efficient method?

- How can I preserve my contact list and calendar data?

- Hardly required, but any way to preserve application-specific data such as Banking accounts, game high scores, etc?


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Use iPod Rip to move it to iTunes on another computer. That's what it's built for: http://thelittleappfactory.com/irip/?gcl...


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good answer +



i would suggest connecting the iPhone to the computer and using iTunes, i would do backup of the phone. for this, phone does not have to be synced. after backup, i would sync the phone with the iTunes and after its synced, i would load the backup on. this way, you should not loose any data - apart from music - but since the only valuable data in the phone are pictures and conntacts, why not?

i cannot guarantee you, it will work. i have tried it once and it worked for me.

its up to you, if you want to try.

also, would any GURU of this page react on my post and correct me if i am wrong? i do not want to cause any trouble to any one here, giving bad advice...


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