Why does my screen have flickering red lines?

So, when I was disconnecting the lcd cable from the iPad, I may have broken one of the resistor/diode things on the board, but I am not sure. Now, there is a constant red lines across the whole screen when I turn it on. Is there any way to "jumper" this spot to fix the red screen issue? Thanks in advance for the help on the this forum. I greatly appreciate it!


Block Image

The part that I may have potentially "broken" is the one in the blue box.

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Before we say that you will have to do any logic board re-flowing let me ask this, do have or have u tried a different LCD in this unit and get the same result? Do you have or have you tried a different LCD cable to make sure that the connection didn't get damaged instead of the connection on the board?


Hello, I have tried a different LCD and same result. I may have a damaged the LCD Filter choke. The part number is TCM0605, but I am not quite sure. Is there anyway besides buying a new part and soldering it in to fix it? I heard that you can bridge the connections via soldering to make it work. Thanks.