Will not charge or turn on gets very hot

I have two shuffles. I load one with walking music and one with running music and swap the headphones back and forth. Yesterday my walking shuffle died mid-song. I figured the battery died. I switched to my running shuffle and it died in the very next song. Again - since I use them both equally I figured the battery was dead. Came home and plugged one into my mac and went to take a shower. Came back an hour later and the shuffle was very hot and I saw it wasn't recognized by iTunes. I tried unplugging and replugging and no recognition. Same thing with the second shuffle. Tried a wall socket - nothing. No charge, no green or orange light, and no iTunes recognition with either of them. Tried resetting each - nothing. The nearest Apple store is 2.5 hours from me. Anyone have any idea at all what I can do? Seems odd that both went dead and are unresponsive. Maybe I should check to see if there was an EMP or something! Seriously - any help at all is appreciated!

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