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Riding mowers built for K-Mart by MTD and Murray.

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changing mower deck belt

how to change the belt on the mower deck

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Remove the belt from engine pulley

There are arms that have retaining pins, remove all of these on both sides of deck.

Pull sideways on arms on both sides of deck and deck is off.

Pull deck out fro. Under tractor

Two pulleys on deck have plastic guards remove them.

The pulleys have spring loaded guides move them and take belt off pulley. (BOTH SIDES )

Clean out built up debris on deck

Somewhere on the deck there is usually a routing diagram route the drive belt

Replace plastic pulley guards

Move deck under tractor

Lift deck put arms on rods etc.

Replace belt on engine pulley, there is a guide here too put belt under the guide.

This may mess up the deck height happened to mine.

Good luck.


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