Known as the ''PS2'', it is a sixth-generation video game console first released by Sony in Japan in March 2000. The United States saw it later in 2000 with the SCPH-30000. Repair of this device requires only common tools, but can get tricky.

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Unable to read playstation 2 disc

I have few question in my Playstation 2 (Fat Version)

Sony Playstation(R)2 Model No.SCPH-50006

1-Unable to read all PS 2 Discs.

2-How to adjust the gear position?(got 2 gear version)

3-Possible is lens damage?

4-Possible fix without replacement?

5-If anything damage is valuable to repair this version devices?

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Hi, If none of your PS2 disks work, then there is probably something wrong with the laser on your PS2. I don't know how much they cost, but you can probably pick a cheap one up from Ebay or another website like that.


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