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The Asus Q501LA features an Intel Core i5 4200U (1.60GHz) processor.

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Screen Replacement Instructions or Teardown of Screen?

Just looking for a teardown guide on replacing the screen. Or a teardown of similar model ASUS that would apply to this model. Thanks!

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Very simple. I have the exact same model. A guitar pic or something can be run around the screen edges to pop the display away from the plastic housing. At the bottom, remove the plastic covering that hides the hinges and cables, and remove the screws that hold the screen in place. Then you can just undo the two connectors (one at the bottom and one around the side that snakes up to the top where the webcam is. Panel should now come out and be replaceable. Best of luck!


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Hey! I have a question. I have the same model, and was able to successfully pry the screen away, however I'm running into another issue. The plastic hinge cover. I am unsure of how to remove it without breaking all of its clips. I have already accidentally broken every clip on the right side, and hope to avoid doing so for the left clips!

Thank you so much for explaining so far!


The Hinge Cover and Screen are held in by Slide Clips. To get them off without damaging anything you will have to take the bottom cover of the Laptop OFF, Unplug the Wifi and LCD cables (Unplug the Batter First!!!) and unscrew Hinges. Lift the Hinges 90 degree and slide the screen free from the rest of the laptop. You may have to lift the body of the Laptop to match the hinge's at 90 degrees to get it to come free.

Now grab the Hinge Cover, Slide it to one side, and pull(Only one way works and I can't remember which) It should pop off cleanly. Once you've done that you should see the screws that hold the Screen in. Remove them and then using a guitar pic or other pry tool slide the Panel DOWN towards the Hinges. That will free it from the Top Cover. Revers this process to get hings back together.

Note the FIRST and LAST thing to do is Unplug and Plug Back In the Battery! I didn't do this and the Power Circuit to the LCD literally EXPLODED off the Motherboard.




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