Samsung netbook with a 10.1" screen and 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450 processor.

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Because my computer does not turn on anymore?

I was using the computer but will discharge . When I put in office no longer charge . The battery is still new , so I do not know what it is that prevents the charge .

Can anyone tell me why not turn on?

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is your power cord plugged in all the way . Is your power cord and adapter working properly . Is you wall outlet ok


I had a similar problem with my N150, I had to change the Power Jack on it. I bought a Soldering Iron and some learning how to solder and order new Jack from China, but it works again...



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The battery may be functional on your laptop, however the charger or the power outlet that you are attempting to use may not be functional. If you are a surge protector move the switch to the on position. You can verify that the plug is working by plugging in another known working device such as a lamp into the power outlet to make sure that power is being supplied to the charger. This may also be an issue regarding the connection internally between the power connector and the electronics inside of the laptop or with the charger itself.


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I have a Samsung Laptop windows 7. R730 it was turned on, Windows upgraded then shut off and I can't turn it on now.


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