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LCd digitzer Backlight replacement Problem?

I replaced my Digitizer and glass and when finished i had nothing but colored lines across the screen. i could use siri to open up apps and hear the clicking when touching icons and what not. My Questtion is what the problem is. I dont want to buy a new lcd and it be a deeper problem.

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The digitizer is the glass/touch portion of the display. The LCD is the screen under the digitizer that displays the images. If you are able to touch the digitizer and hear clicks, more than likely your digitizer is working properly and your problem lies with the LCD screen itself as it is the part that shows the lines. If you bought the LCD from some business, request a replacement for a defective LCD. Defective parts is nothing new and it happens a lot even with well known sellers. Try to get a replacement and replace the LCD. If it still shows up with lines, chances are there might be a problem with the connector itself.

Best of luck!


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I did not Disconnect the battery during the replacement but did disconnect and reconnect after.


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Thankyou. Yes I was just hoping it wasn't a backlight problem. I was actually gonna buy a new full kit from ifixit. I just wanted to make sure it wasnt a deeper issue.


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