The first iteration of Studio Beats headphones were manufactured by Monster in 2008. They are available in a large variety of colors. Screwdrivers, plastic opening tools, and possibly a soldering kit may be required for repair of this device.

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Static noise from right speaker

I have just bought a pair of second hand beats studio headphones and noticed that when I stand up and start walking with the headphones there is a static noise coming from the right side speaker with every step. I have taken out the audio cable and the noise is still present.

There seems to be lots of posts on the internet about similar issues, but no real solution to the problem.

Any thoughts guys

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Pro Tech ツールキットを含むご注文、もしくは総額 $100ドル以上のご注文については送料無料です。



i had a similar problem, my beats get static and crack when i move and touch the headband, when i replace the batteries the problem goes away, i am unsure why this happens when the battery's get low


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