iPod locked. How do I access the files?

Hello, I have a passcode locked iPod Touch 2nd Generation, running 4.2.1, found deep in a drawer that I have managed to rebuild to function again. (Using the incredibly useful iFixit Guide).

I would like to access the music files still stored on the device without an iTunes restore as this will wipe all media.

I've tried several programs such as Disk-Aid, iFunBox & Dr.fone etc. but they all ask for the passcode? (Which I don't have).

I believe that there are files I can get to deeper in the hidden file structure that would allow me to remove the passcode?

My PC running XP won't even see the iPod as it has iTunes installed?

Question is what program can I run to get to see or copy the files on my locked iPod Touch 2?

Help very much apprecited, as I'm going around in circles!



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