2.5GHzデュアルコアIntel Core i5プロセッサ(Turbo Boost使用時最大3.1GHz)、3MB共有三次キャッシュ

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Why my Mac is slow?

From last couple of days, my Mac Mavericks (with Retina 5k display) is facing spinning beachball and an advert, “unnecessary apps are consuming too much RAM” pop out often. In fact hard drive is not full with the data then why my Mac is not exhibiting good speed? Anyone please help.

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Did you tried to check with Activity Monitor as to what these unnecessary apps are? IMO, they could be widgets or an app that is running in the background and stealing RAM for the OS X purpose. Memory Diag is free for limited usage utility that can help you optimize RAM usage on system. You can check this app from App Store Meanwhile you can clear caches and temporary files from the startup drive. Goto /Library/ folder to clear RAM. Force Quite apps like Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Run free Mac cleaner software to clear out leftovers, logs and other junk data. You can download and use free version of Stellar Speedup Mac software. Even if you face the issue again then you might need to reinstall OS X. I would recommend a clean install of the OS X. Hope this helps!!!


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RAM has nothing to do with the size of your hard drive. Press command option ESCape to get a selection of the programs that are open and force quit the ones you and not using.


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As you mentioned that sufficient space is available on Mac hard drive; so apart from it, try to turn off unused login items, popped-up quickly during boost time. IMO, I recommend to use Onyx tool. Download the proper version and run the cleaning routine. It’s free and boosts Mac speed up to a good extent.


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