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How to activate an iPhone 4, which wont read sim card?

The phone started out by now being able to register if there was a sim card inserted. It simply said "no network".

I though it might be software issue, and triede reseting the network settings. This got the phone stuck on boot.

After several attempts i got to the activation screen, trough recovery mode.

But now the phone cannot activate as it cannot read the Sim card. Any ideas?

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Which company is the iPhone 4 from? Also, which company is your SIM from? Is the SIM active?

If the iphone is from the same company as the SIM and the SIM is active, then try this:

Remove the SIM card from the phone.

Reboot the phone.

Make sure it says "Insert SIM" at the top left of screen

Insert the SIM card

Verify that is says "Searching" at the top left of screen.

What happens now?


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I am unsure, as it is a phone that i was to help my friend with. The sim is from a european provider, but it is unlocked and i have activated other phones with it before.

It never gets to the 'insert sim', but is just searching. (could this be because I had the battery removed previously perhaps?)

It wont register when i remove/insert simtray with or without a sim



Yes, removing the battery while the iphone is powered on can cause this issue. It may take some playing around with to get it to detect the SIM again but the general idea is to try to get the "Activation" screen to come up.

You can try a different SIM

You can try to go to the reset menu and either reset ALL SETTINGS, or reset network settings. Do this with the SIM in. If that doesnt work try doing it without the SIM in. Only insert the sim after you see the "No SIM" message.


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my iphone emerginsg call lock or unlock any idia


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