The Brother MFC-490CW is a all-in-one color inkjet printer released in July 2009.

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I still receive the error message "Paper Jam" after removing paper

To clear the error message Paper Jam after you removed the jammed paper, If you still receive the error message, a small piece of paper may be stuck inside your Brother machine.

Move the print head and remove any ripped paper

- To prevent damage to your Brother machine, try not to touch the internal part when removing the jammed paper.

1.Open the scanner cover.

DO NOT touch the encoder strip. The encoder strip is a clear plastic strip in front of the white vinyl band. If the encoder gets markings or debris on its surface, it may cause other problems.

2.Check the position of the print head.

•If you found the print head at the left hand side or center of the platen area, go to STEP 3.

•If the print head is in the right corner as shown in the picture below, hold down Stop/Exit until the print head moves to the center.

3.Unplug your Brother machine from the AC power outlet (electrical socket).

4.Gently move the print head using your fingers to take out any paper remaining in this area. To remove the small pieces of paper, you can use a pair of tweezers.

Gently move print head

The ripped paper may be very small. Using a flashlight will help you to find the ripped paper.

5.Close the scanner cover and plug the power cord back into the AC power outlet (electrical socket).

If you still receive the error message Paper Jam, or if no debris was found, the encoder strip will need to be cleaned.

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If you opened either the scanner cover or the paper jam cover to gain access to the paper, make sure the covers are securely closed. If either covers are still open, the device will not remove the paper jam error until the cover is closed.


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