iPhoneの5代目となるiPhone 4S。このデバイスの修理は比較的簡単で、スクリュードライバー、開口ツールと忍耐が必要です。GSM/CDMA / 16, 32, 64 GB / 白と黒

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Logic Board couple of capacitors fell off need to identify them

Iphone 4s battery connector broke off logic board i tried to fix it myself and i made it worse i put crazy glue to hold the connector down but it wouldnt turn on so i started scrapping the glue off and it still doesnt work my friend repairs electronics and we put the phone under the microscope and he said there are some small capacitors missing now, and thats why it wont turn on, can someone help me identify those parts or where i could get this phone repaired this phone was giving to me from my son so its a sentamental value more than anything

thank you for your help

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well if could actually upload some pictures and show us what to identify that would be nice



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Martin E, yes we can help you determining what parts are actually missing, if you can show us where they are missing from. Like Krayzee said, post images of the area with your question. Use this guide to add images. Since you previously used "crazy glue" for your repair, consider the answer by Jtag and eman05, how are you going to attach the replacements? You will need to get someone with the right skills and tools to solder those for you.


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If capacitors are on logic board you are pretty much S.O.L. Even if we're able to identify them how would you solder them back on.


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If you have the battery connector installed correctly the iPhone will start and charge, but with the capacitors missing your iPhone will reboot every 3 mins and it will give you a bad reading on the battery percentage. You can jump the leads and it will work fine. Also it is best to solder on a new battery connector, never use glue.


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