Appleはスリムダウンして性能を上げたiPad Airを2013年11月1日に発表しました。スペースグレーとシルバーの2色から選べます。カスタムA7 プロセッサー搭載しており、容量は16、32、64と128 GBがあります。

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How can I clean my iPad LCD? I accidentaly touched it!

I have an pad air (WiFi), but i accidentally dropped it.

So i ordered the new glass digitizer. 1 day before it was delivered i removed the old glass.

Today the new glass arrived, so i wanted to install it right away. everything works fine. but i have one problem i haven't glued (stickers) it in place yet. Because there were a couple of fingerprints on the LCD, now i cant get it clean.

i tried with some alcohol, microfiber cloth, toilet paper, vapor from my breath. but now its more dirty then before.

does anyone have a solution for this?

p.s. sorry for my bad English, its my second language.

thank you in advance.

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What I've found that works really well with cleaning LCD's without scuffing them is a LensPen. If there is only a small smudge to clean, then the standard round ones sold in camera shops is fine. If you need to clean a larger surface, you can get large square ones like this (Screen Klean by CarbonClean).

Just blow of any dust particles first.


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Take a look at How to clean LCD properly? for some suggestions! Top hits are OMNICLEANZ, microfiber cloths, distilled water and denatured alcohol.


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Use only a little water and a cloth that come with a screen or a cloth 100%cotton




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