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Broken Me My 3ds Broke and Now I Can't Turn it on?

what i said before my 3ds keeps turning off and making a popping sound its getting worst help me ugh also its so hard not getting a new 3ds and when i try to turn it on it just goes like screw you and turns itself off ugh i hate that so much help me this also started in march 14 when i was playing zelda it went pop and reset itself actually it turned itself off then in april on easter night it finally went out it also kept falling on the floor also how do i get my friend list back if i get a new one

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Android 修理キット



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This is normally caused by a torn ribbon cable. The ribbon cables that power the upper scree and speakers go through the hinge which has a metal tube. This metal tube can cut through the ribbon cables and cause the type of problem that you are having.

It's possible that you have another problem (like loose connections) but this is the most common problem I see with this symptom. It is possible in your case though since you said it kept falling on the floor.

The only way to fix it is to replace the top screen (assuming that this is the cable that is torn). If it is just a loose cable from falling on the floor then it would need to be taken apart and the cables re seated.

I hope this helps.

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but how do i get the top screen off what tool do i use without breaking it i mean it is hard when you want to get a new 3ds but you don't want to lose your friend list and break the only 3ds you have so umm how do i get the tools without breaking it and how do i put it back on


ifixit has a great guide located here:

Nintendo 3DSの上部LCDの交換

It will walk you through the process step by step.

It's a complicated repair if the ribbon cables need to be replaced. The first one I did I tore. If you haven't done much electronics repair then I wouldn't advise you to try and do it. Obviously you can if you want, but it is a tough repair.

You could always sell yours on Ebay and then take that and buy a new one or a used one on Ebay. You could probably get about $60 for it on Ebay that could go towards a new one.


omg i hsve none of the tools and you need 200 dollars just to get one but what about my friends on my friend code


You can get the tools you need for well under $200, but you do need several tools to do this job.

I don't know anything about saving your friends list. Sorry.


okay ummmmmmm


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