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10.1 inch display, 2.7 pound HP netbook released in January 2010. Available in all black, red, blue, and silver color, and complete with six-cell battery.

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turns on but shows a damaged internal screen

when I turn the hp mini net book on it powers up though it shows a damaged internal screen making it hard to see what is displayed on half of the screen. The device has sufficient power and has a charging cable to keep it charged. the problem is being unable to view the left half of the screen due to the internal screen being damaged. Unable to view the start icon in the lower left half of the screen due to the damage to the internal screen covering half while allowing the right half visible. Is there some way to get both sides back to the point of being visible as a whole?

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William, you should first make sure that you cables are properly connected. Use these guides or get the Maintenance guide from here to work on your computer. If all the cables are properly seated, and the error persist, you will have to replace the LCD. Page 57 will show you how to replace the display. Hope this helps, good luck.


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William さん、ありがとうございました!

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