Wi-Fi, GSMとCDMA モデルのiPad第二世代です。あるモデルはiPad3発売前に改良されたものがあります。修理は困難で、熱で温めてこじ開ける作業が必須です。

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iPad2 Screen very dim to view

Faint resolution or display of graphics about 10% brightness I have reload OS 7.1 still same. Lower right corner of iPad slight indentation

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I would strongly caution you against manipulating the LCD while plugged in---if the cable becomes dislodged from the connector while the device is under power you will certainly blow your backlight fuse.

What is the history of this iPad?

If any chance of water damage, my guess would be backlight coil


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Your information is real limited, The Ipad 2 has a problem with the LCD Cable that can cause these symptoms, I would start by removing the Digitizer, then the 4 screws that hold the LCD in place,, with the Ipad powered on carefully lift the LCD while it is plugged into the Logic Board bending the LCD cable and at the same time watch the LCD and look for changes in lighting and resolution, if there are any you have a bad Cable, replace it, if not you should try a new LCD, good luck


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I agree with Mitch's answer. You may also have a slightly disconnected Lcd, which disconnecting and reconnecting the lcd ribbon from both the logic board and the screen itself will likely resolve. The real challenge though is taking your digitizer off without breaking it, the volume/power ribbon, Wifi antenna, etc.


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