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Wi-Fi, GSMとCDMA モデルのiPad第二世代です。あるモデルはiPad3発売前に改良されたものがあります。修理は困難で、熱で温めてこじ開ける作業が必須です。

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taking off the screen

dont know why i put off fixing the ipad for 2 weeks,

youtube videos scared me out of doing it,

beware of this area and this and this area blah blah blah

in the end i just scraped around every edge with no hassle... i can partially lift the screen up and see inside now and i still dont know what im suppose to be scared off i dont see no atennas

anyway moving on

not only do i need to buy a new bezel,

it seems the expensive inner lcd underneath the frontscreen is cracked too so ive wasted my time now.. would have been just as cheap to goto a repair shop i expect

i havent took the screen completly off yet because i want to show the owner that its still fully functional first

and im 100% confident that the replacement i bought will work atall to be honest

i got 6 days to test it or send it back for a refund minus post+packaging

my question is

can i easily test if the new screen works without fully installing it?

i dont have no special extended test ribbon cable like i do with my iphone

shop may not accept returns if i mess it up

last question for the night

what the !@#$ is this?

bad picture,

but its big black thing between the POWER button and the MICROPHONE

it seems stuck to the screen so i dont know if i should try n pry it off or risk it breaking when i lift the broken screen completly off


grrr it must be important because its the only thing ive messed with and now the screen doesnt come on atall im so annoyed i just had to keep playing with it... i wanted to show the owner it working fine first

i guess i broke the power button somehow, god knows how i see no cables thier whatsoever

thank god the screen turns on when plugged into pc

still another thing which needs fixing adding to the expense now :(

btw heres a better pic of that black thing i mentioned, its actually looks like white plastic


lol, kick me when im down

dont get me wrong i did watch a bunch of videos.... they made the task seem harder

for example its confusing when everybodys working UPSIDE DOWN

ontop of that its even harder when they using a BLACK colored ipad so i cant see s...

im not upset, if it didnt break today it would have happened tomorrow,

it was inevitable.

im not running a repair service here,

im literally fixing it for a family member..

since im young they automaticaly figure im technical and have the skillset.

i asked weeks ago if thier was a way to tell if the inner lcd was damaged without removing the frontscreen first and got no responce, i already suspected this was the case

i didnt cause the damage, i just discovered that i was correct about the damage.

if you want the full story:

my sisters boyfriend gets to use an ipad at his job,

he dropped it down on a surface, not even an inch and it still managed to crack

so his boss at his job forced him to pay for it "you broke it you bought it",

so then he gets a quote at a shop to fix it which is way to much $$$

so he figures i could fix it

he only wants it fixed up to sell it anyway,

i too wish he simply sold it straight away damaged or not somebody would still buy it

because yes i agree it looked/worked better before i tampered with it.

anyway its not the end of the world,

im sure fixing the power button aint much harder than anything else just annoying that i could have avoided it. - thats the only damage i inflicted


im guessing that little cable by the screw is the reason it stopped working,

does seem ruff when i run my finger over it

could have been caused by the prytool however i been using it in that area all night

could have just as easily been caused by the screen being lifted up, adhesive being stubborn

nopoint feeling bad


funny thing is it only happened because i was taking pictures to ask questions here, been ever so careful allnight then reckless and rushing to do snapshots


the volume/mute buttons share the same cable as the power button....

is it possible that the volume buttons still work if the power buttons truly broken?

just want to confirm because all other buttons work fine.

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Android 修理キット



Android 修理キット



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I hate to say it but I told you so the video points out the areas to be careful at and you have done exactly the opposite..

The LCD cracking I would say was your fault and you have damaged the power flex and if you would have looked at the videos then you would have known that..

Why would you take a job on you know nothing about and worse is leaving a customer with a iPad that's worse than it arrived.

That's the 3G antenna you see beside the power button again the videos would have stated that.

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Thought it was for a customer when u sayed give them back the refund my bad..

It's fixable but needing a lcd power cable and digatizer parts alone will cost a bit


Yes it's possible if you damaged the cable that the volume could be fine and power not


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