CDMA iPad 2モデルの第二世代は16、32、64GBのオプションがあり、Dual Core A5プロセッサが搭載されています。モデル番号はA1397です。修理は細かい作業が含まれ、熱で温めてこじ開ける作業が必須です。

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Half black LCD after digitizer replace

Hi I could really use some help! After several days of googling I've not found a good answer and I'm loathe to buy new parts before knowing the answer. I just did an antenna (wifi, 3G, GPS) and digitizer replace. LCD was working fine before replace but now I only get half a white screen. The other half is black and sometimes black with red and blue lines. Other times the LCD is dim with three black bars. iTunes does recognize and I've done a hard reset, and a full recovery/restore. I've checked the connection and seating of all the wires and I can't see any issues. Is this an LCD problem? A logic board problem? I've already bought a bunch of parts and don't want to put anymore $ in until I know what the possible issue is! Thanks in advance.

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Hi there it sounds like you have damaged lcd you will need to get another to find out


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