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A 10.2-Megapixel digital SLR camera by Nikon.

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Can I clean my own camera?

I have dust just behind the glass on my rear screen, and just inside the view finder. I have had some success removing a small hair from the sensor, dust on the mirror and on the bottom of the prism, but I'm afraid to take anything else apart. Recently I used a lens cleaner inside the body and it left fiber lint on the black felt like material. It is rough to be non reflective. I was able to brush it out with a lens brush but i had a few loose bristles fall out. I was able to get these and then put the lens back on. Some good instructions and the correct tools would help. The camera is at least 2 yrs old and has never been serviced but used a lot.

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You would need to take off the top cover, this is a job for a professional.


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If I'm not mistaken this is a site of non-professionals who want to service their own stuff. If I knew what I was doing I wouldn't have made the post. It doesn't take the person at the Nikon service center years to lean how to clean one type of camera. I just need the basic steps to service this one model not every camera made by Nikon. It can't be rocket science. Being an expert does not mean being a genius it just means knowing the steps or having the tools and info resources available to do the job. That's why I signed up for this site. I have experience to share and a need to share others knowledge and experience. I'm not into "Saving the earth" but I hate seeing a relatively new mostly functional machine going to a land fill due to the need of a minor repair and I hate to spend $50+ on a "new" one when I can fix it in less than a half hour.


I'm here for the same problem. I bought a used Nikon D3000 but it wasn't kept well and looks super dirty. I'm afraid to apply water or any liquid on it just in case it leaks in and worsens the situation.

I'd appreciate if you (John Fagan) sir got a solution to yours or anyone can help.

Thanks a million.




John Fagan さん、ありがとうございました!

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