iPhoneの5代目となるiPhone 4S。このデバイスの修理は比較的簡単で、スクリュードライバー、開口ツールと忍耐が必要です。GSM/CDMA / 16, 32, 64 GB / 白と黒

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After replacing battery, phone says searching

my phone says says searching after replacing 4s battery and I removed my sim and put it back into place can you tell me whats the problem

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Got a water damaged iphone with cracked front lcd screen and rear camera out of action. I replaced lcd/digitizer, battery and rear camera. Cleaned inside with alcohol. After putting back the iphone 4S, I got "searching" and then "no signal"

Tried manually setting time then back to set time automatically, turn off then on phone, airplane mode , removed then reinserted sim card , on then off etc etc. and combinations of above.

Then restored to factory settings and restored to previous backup.

Now working!!!

always backup to itunes before doing any work replacing parts.


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Try biingyin1's tips first.

Then take a look at this image:

Block Image

The bottom black piece contains the cellular antenna, you need to do two things. First make sure that little cable that runs up is fully seated into it's place(Red). You will have to unplug the battry connector. Secondly, there are several feet type things here which need to be making good contact with the frame (green). If either of these aren't put in correctly you'll have service problems.

Image by iFixit


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I have the same problem ...

... finally ... i found out, that I damaged the logicboard while replacing the akku.

Its hard to see, very hard! tiny small things 1mm!



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Ayanna さん、ありがとうございました!

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