Denon Home Audio Video Receiver AVR391. This is an entry level home theater receiver.

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Why does the receiver turn off after pushing the power button on?

So when I turn on my Receiver from Standby mode it briefly powers on then makes a signal noise error like you are watching static television then the Receiver turns off and a Red Ring flashes around the Power button. I have tried opening the tv hutch door where the Receiver is at to give it more ventilation because I think that could be a possible culprit. Does anyone know anything specific to this brand or model?

Denon AVR391

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When I turn on my receiver it lights up then goes out


Can it b a fuse


It can be a speaker wire connection, pull one wire at a time while switching the unit on and off.


No speakers hooked to mine and it still do it



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Sounds like the unit is going into protect mode. There are a few causes for this. First unhook all the speaker connections. If it stops doing it then, there must have been a short in your speaker cables or speakers. If it continues to go into protect mode you either have a blown power amp or blown power supply(maybe a bad digital boards, but thats highly unlikely). That will have to be serviced by a professional. If the unit was not receiving proper ventilation to begin with chances are it overheated and it caused the current failure. Sorry to hear about your issues, I hope you fix them.


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