Mac miniのUnibodyアルミニウム製ジェネレーションです。モデル番号はA1347です。

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Re attaching a component that fell off the logic board

I have a July 2011 Mac Mini with the A1347 logic board. I was installing a second hard drive today and things went smoothly, but I discovered that one component of the board fell off during servicing.

It is a small square black component which I'm pretty sure is a resistor. There seem to be a few of the same component on the board, the writing on the component appears to be "L89" with a smaller "d" above it. I want to reattach this component since it is probably needed in order for the machine to turn on.

Anyway, I have soldering experience and want to resolder the component to the board. My questions are:

1) I think I have an idea of where the component used to be soldered, I want to be sure this is the correct spot before I proceed.

2) What would be the best way to handle the resoldering or what other options are available to me that don't involve replacing the logic board or getting the Mac Mini serviced.


EDIT: Here are a few pictures. First the board:

Block Image

And some close ups of where I think the component goes:

Block Image

Block Image

With the way the solder lines up, I think this is the correct orientation of the component but I want to be 100% sure before I attempt to fix. Also I have a fine tip for solder with and a flux pen which I'm told will help me out with the repair.

Thanks guys!

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A close up photograph of the mystery component from a couple angles would be very helpful.


Added some pictures. Bump!


looks like a perfect match. solder it on....:-)


I'd agree with oldturkey03...looks like a good match.



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David Schulman , thanks for posting the images. that made it so much easier ;-) Yes, that looks like a perfect match. solder it back on and I am sure it is the right part in the right position. Best of luck to you.


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David Schulman さん、ありがとうございました!

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