Anyone know what the name is of this connector port?

Anyone know what the name is of this connector port? Can I buy the part and re solder a new one on the mainboard? My problem specifically is while trying to remove the on board sd-card with an exacto knife I didn't realize I was slipping and hitting that port with my exacto knife and I some how managed to knock 4 of the golden contacts off the connector and now the Lcd screen is all messed up when it comes on. My thought is this, If I could buy those tiny gold contacts then I could replace the 4 that I managed to remove by accident with my exacto knife and my problem would be fixed.

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Those are called FPC connectors. Which cables does this connect to? Take a picture of the damage and post it on here, to see if it might be fixable. No, you wont get the contacts, only the whole connector, if at all.


I have a similar post on here that shows the FPC connector that's messed up. It's what the graphics cable plugs to. Any ideas on where I can buy this FPC connector for my Galaxy Tab Model SPH-P100

This is the post below.

So I followed this guide on how to boot everything off the Sd-card.

It was a pain in the butt getting the on board sdcard unglued from the board.

After putting everything back together the screen started showing up like this.

I noticed that some of the gold on the display cable was missing, I'm thinking this is causing the display issue but I'm not totally sure. Is there anything I can do to fix the display issue?