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Broken head phone plug inside

The headphone plug is accidentally broken off and part of it is left inside the phone jack. This problem causes computer speakers not to work.

My question is: Can I just change the headphone part, instead of changing the whole logic board?

I tried several methods found on the web but non of those have worked for me and I don't want to pay the "amazing" price tag that Apple charge. (over $700), and per previous experiences with Apple repair center, Genious bar or whatever you want to call it, they don't change the parts.

Thank you for your info an input.


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Yes it is possible to replace the HS connector however it looks to be a surface mounted connector which means it wont be easy. It would require some SMD rework skills and all the necessary tools. Unfortunately I cant find a close up picture in any of the guides (so far) so I cant be any more specific.

THIS is something like what you are after however you need to find the correct pin configuration.

Have you tried removing the piece that is stuck in the connector? The male connector shaft is hollow so you may be able to get something like a small drill bit, knitting needle, scribe or some other metallic thing and push it into the hole in the remnant part and pull it out.


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'Have you tried removing the piece that is stuck in the connector?'

I have tried the Qtip and superglue, into the jack. ( used caution). I tried Tweezers.

I purchased few tools to take the logic board out. I tried to take the piece of pin stucked inside but no luck this time. It seems that something is holding in place very tight and it was no way to take it out.

I purchased the an USB Audio adapter 3.5mm (iLuv), cuz even if the HeadPhone Jack is fix, I am not going to use it anymore, isn't safe and it is costly. I guess the USB adapter is secure and i was told that I get a better sound than the original HP Jack.

Thank you for the prompt reply.




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