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Will I need glue when reassembling an iPhone 4S?

I have to change the display assembly in my iPhone 4s, because someone stepped on it and the glass is completely shattered (the screen and touch work perfectly though), so I read the tutorial to see if it the repair was too hard for me.

Apparently it isn't, but I noticed that during the disassembly of the phone, almost everything with adhesive gets separated from it's base (Vibrator, Battery, etc.), it seems as if the glue stays in it's place, but I don't know if it's dry and needs reapplying.

Will I need to use adhesive to place these parts back in?.

If so, What adhesive would you recommend?

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No. You do not need adhesive or glue to rebuild the iPhone 4S during repair of the front screen assembly. If the glass is shattered so much you can even remove the screen adhesive, to help remove the glass shards from the midframe. This adhesive does not need to be replaced, just do without adhesive.


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No, I almost never need to add any adhesive, if at all maybe to the vibrator but no worry's there is a screw that also holds it down, iPhone 4S スクリーンの交換, good luck, If this Answer is helpful please remember to return and mark it Accepted


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I have a feeling that the adhesive also acts as a Vibration blocker --- my Screen replacement works for both 4 and 4s perfect but I feel the phone vibrates more than it should when calls are active ... anyone knows anything about this?


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